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July 2010 | Death Valley Dune Abstract

Death Valley Dune Abstract

July’s image of the month was taken at the Eureka Dunes in the Northwest corner of Death Valley.  While quite a ways from the action (a five hour drive West out of the park, up Highway 395 and back in through the park’s North entrance), these dunes are some of the tallest in the United States at nearly 700 feet and seem immense even when you first see them 20 or so miles in the distance. Shooting them late in the day until after sunset, the sharp and refined shadows brought out some amazing texture and detail in these massive dunes. [...]

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Spitsbergen to Greenland

July 01 2010

I took a trip to the Arctic in September 2006, traveling from Spitsbergen (the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago) to the Eastern coast of Greenland. Even though it was over a year ago, I decided it might be interesting to give some more detail on the expedition and provide background on a few of my favorite images that came out of it.  [...]


Death Valley Dunes - Four Abstracts

September 07 2009

I’ve put together a series of abstract dune images taken in Death Valley that I think work as a collection of four.  As I’ve mentioned before, abstract photography is perhaps the most special to me because it lets me distill my subjects down to their simplest forms and still (hopefully) capture the essence of a place. [...]image

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